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WoWchamp Classic+ aims to be a Blizzlike upgrade of the original with the expansions “somewhat” included - only activated by special quests.

We include the expansions (BC or Wrath) for the better talent trees and spells.

This server was made because Blizzard is soon taking away the pure classic versions (wrath) and removing the scenic world we loved to explore in.

We also aspire to have a more full featured enjoyable Classic+ experience, including some things other servers or Blizzard would never think of.

(Or keeping from doing things that would make the experience seem way too overpowered.)


• 4x XP, 4x drop rates

• 8x reputation gain


• Blizzlike Transfer from Blizzard servers (since they’re putting away the old world - like losing the game you loved)

• Minimal donor rewards, fun but not overpowered

• BoP Item Transfer- run instances on high level characters to twink your lowbies and enjoy, BoP Heirlooms

• Caster classes are buffed with intellect causing 1/2x extra spell damage

Future features to be included:

• Token drops from higher level mobs
(For reputation gear)

• Better reputation system to come, for earning higher level gear
With lore

• More innovations we’ve thought of to implement